What the LPM Full Management Service delivers to you.

LPM will find the best possible tenants for you. We specialise in locating the right people via our tested and proven background checking protocol.

We will look after your dollars and cents. We collect the rent payments, keep detailed records and provide all financial statements.

We will make sure your property is earning the best possible, consistent returns.

We will take care of all communication and documentation. If it should ever be required, we will represent you before the tenancy tribunal.

We look after your investment. At LPM we insist on detailed initial and final inspections, with a full photographic record of both. We conduct regular quarterly inspections. We work with your preferred contractors to maintain your property in the condition you expect.

At LPM we are dedicated to establishing long-lasting and positive relationships with all of our clients. To us that means the owners and the tenants.

We have found over the years that a happy tenant will be the long term and reliable tenant who leaves the property in the best possible condition.

So while we will always work towards maximising your return on your investment, we are smart enough to know that respecting and listening to our tenants is also the best business practice.

Their management of my properties has been excellent. So much so that I have retained them them for over 10 years.

Any information I have needed as been cheerfully provided, my property is very well cared for and I consistently have long term tenants.

I am very happy with the results.